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Proper planning is 

the foundation of excellent results.

Our process:


First visit and consultation

Our first priority is to deliver you the garden you are dreaming of - whether you have something very concrete in mind or you want us to surprise you. That's why the first visit in person is the most important part of the process. We'll talk to you about your wishes, provide advice or suggestions if appropriate and overall make sure we're on the same page.

We'll also measure the area in order to be able to create designs and plans and price up the quote. Having a look at your garden and all the elements that'll impact the works is important for accurate pricing and planning as well. 


Quoting and planning

After we have measured and discussed your wishes, we'll start preparing the quote, which is free and no-obligation.

We'll get in touch with our suppliers, which may take some time. Most often we purchase materials from specific suppliers instead of the local DIY store to ensure you get the most of your money - great quality at reasonable prices.

We may need to prepare plans as well, especially for more complicated projects. In some cases it's beneficial to prepare visuals and 3D designs which we can show you at the next stage. For more straightforward ones a simple sketch might be quite sufficient.


Quote and second visit

At this stage, we'll have prepared a quote and sent it via email for your consideration.

Depending on the scope of your project, second visit might not be needed. However, we'd often try to schedule one in case of bigger projects where we'd show you the designs to make sure we targeted what you had in mind.

A second visit is also needed in case you were open to ideas and we have several solutions for you to choose from.

Lastly, if you wanted us to prepare 3D visuals or plans, this is where we'd show them to you as well. This is all free, however, if you wish us to send you the plans and visuals via email, a fee will be charged.

In case you contract us for the project, we'll be happy to send you the plans and designs for free.