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These prices are indicative for our regular maintenance services. 


The actual price, which we'll be able to provide after a quick visit, will depend on the actual workload needed. Besides size, state of the lawn and overall garden layout is important for accurate pricing. For instance, gardens with many features and therefore higher amount of edges require careful trimming, which is more time consuming. 

Grass cut

Small garden - 40m2

From £15

Grass cut

Medium garden - 80m2

From £35

From £60

Large garden - 120m2

Grass cut

Hedge cut

From £35

Depending on size and type

Most gardens require initial cleanup, which means the price for the first visit is higher. 


Lawns or hedges that weren't maintained for a longer period of time will require more attention for the first few visits. However, once we get your garden back in shape, regular maintenance will be much less time consuming.